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They called me Druid. I’m not exactly sure why. It has taken me a while to explore all the possibilities behind this name. Not once did I control the elements. Not once did I control wildlife. I couldn’t cause hails of fire rain down from the skies, nor could I raise earthquakes from the ground below.

Heck, looking at my present situation, I believe they should have just called me Nomad. Not “The Nomad” because I am sure I am not the only traveler in this universe. It sure seems that way though. This official title would be giving me too much credit for something I did not oblige to do in the first place. So Druid, or Nomad, or whatever it is that people once referred to me as, that is who I am now. I no longer retain my name of old nor do I take with me the markings or memories from my past life. I truly am a space wanderer.
I might as well tell you how I ended up here. I sometimes wonder if this is really happening, if I really am stuck out here. I guess it hasn’t really settled yet, the thought of the earth caving in, the thought of the human extinction...

In the year 2100, November 2nd to be exact, there was a nuclear holocaust on Earth. I don’t exactly know how, to be perfectly honest. We as humans have been experimenting with a bunch of strange things and I am not too surprised that this happened. Anyway, I’ve piloted The Phoenix for over ten years, so don’t think that I don’t know how to handle her. Once the explosion…or whatever it was went off, I was ordered to evacuate anyone I could find in our station and jump as soon as possible.

Let’s just say…there was a slight panic, considering the world was literally ending. I was looking around for survivors but I didn’t see anyone in sight. Somehow I was the only one who managed to escape from my facility, and thus, here I am, the sole human being aboard The Phoenix.

This document may never be read by another human, but that’s okay. I’m writing to just tell my story, so that maybe…hopefully…someday someone out there will know of what happened. I currently know of no other survivors, as I have not had contact with a single being out here. It’s pretty hard to judge the magnitude of what happened, but let’s just say I might never make contact.

It’s been two months since the incident and I pray to whatever god that is out there that I can find another soul to talk to. My name is Druid, and this is my story, The Phoenix Odyssey.


released December 22, 2009

Will Todd - programming, keyboards, guitars, bass



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